About the band: origin and history of the Paverty Bush Band

About the band: origin and history of the Paverty Bush Band bobbux Mon, 29/05/2017 - 23:59

Paverty started in 1970 as Franklyn B Paverty and the Platte Valley Crooners.

Ben Hope's article, Folk from the bush, from the Queanbeyan Age 2012 tells some of the story.

Over the years a large number of exceptional musicians have graced the stage as part of Paverty, with alumni referring to themselves as "Old Pavertonians".  This has been described as a "select bunch" and current band members are prohibited from membership!

From the early 2000s, the musicians in ''Franklyn B Paverty'' included Graham Chalker, Dave Chalker, Bryan Rae, Bob Buckley, Peter Hobson, Peter Logue, Simone Dawson, Mary Firkins, Donal Baylor, Dave O'Neill, Mal Bennett, and John Taylor. Others who have been associated with the band include Tom Breen, Ros Haskew, Fiona Mahoney, Frank and Bernie Nizynski and Chris Smith. 

black and white image of early paverty memberscolour image of early paverty memberspaverty members from 1970s

Mary Firkins, Simone Dawson, Peter Logue, Dave O'Neill Cobargo FF 2015
Peter Logue aka "the Black Wiggle"
Longtime Paverty stalwart Pete Hobson
Graham and Bryan
Two originals - the legendary Graham Chalker and Bryan Rae
Graham and Bob
Graham and Bob at the Bus Depot Markets
Paverty at St Albans Folk Festival (Mary, Logie, Sim, Bob, Graham and Bryan)
Bob John and Graham
Sim, John, Mary, Graham and Bob, Fellows Garden, ANU


Paverty Bush Band ANU Mountaineering
Montage from the Mountaineering Club 50th Anniversary
Shearer's Ball
Paverty at the Shearer's Ball 2018

The band, now known as Paverty Bush Band, Paverty or just the Pavs, is still going strong, comprising founder member Graham Chalker and sometime Bryan Rae with Bob Buckley, Sarah Davies, Simone Dawson and Rick Kenyon.  The band is versatile, equally at home with bush dances for dancers of all ages and experience levels, from school halls, to conference centres, church halls, woolsheds, beer garden gigs, house parties and folk clubs.

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Meet the band

Meet the band Anonymous Sun, 29/04/2018 - 14:00

Bio...s coming.


Paverty Bush Band Graham Chalker
Founding member of Paverty, lagerhone, snare/percussion mandolin, dance calls and vocals, Graham Chalker
Paverty Bush Band Bob Buckley
Longtime bass, whistle & flute, guitar, fiddle playing, dance calling and vocals
Bob Buckley 
Paverty Bush Band Simone Dawson
Flute, whistles, foot-tamborines, vocals and lyrics,
Simone Dawson


As yet we do not have photos of Rick Kenyon, Bryan Rae and Sarah Davies for this website.